Honey Blogger Theme

How To Customize Color In Honey Blogger Theme? Note: This help guide is specifically for Honey Blogger Template.  So, to start with we must say that a blogger theme without any customization options in back-end panel is of no use. You have to mess up with the codes and sometimes it becomes very irritating when you don’t understand what to do and what […]
How To Add About Author Widget? Note: This help article is specifically for the Honey Blogger Template. To add about author widget in your blog, using our Honey Blogger Template. Log into your Blogger Dashboard then navigate to Layout > Add a Gadget. Select the HTML/Javascript editor from the gadget list, as shown below. Now, add the below code inside the […]
How To Add Social Icons Widget in Sidebar? Note: This help guide is specifically for Honey Blogger Template.  Any theme be it HTML Template, WordPress Theme or Blogger Theme without social media integration is of no use. Anyone who starts blog wants to go viral and want to be recognized among the audiences within short period of time. And this is possible only with the […]
How To Install Blogger Themes? On Blogger, either you can install the templates via Upload Method method or you can go with Copy-Paste method to install your blogger template on your blog. We will be thoroughly going on both the method of installation. Upload Method Note: Do not forget to remove all the widgets from your blog before installation as it […]
A Guide on Honey Blogger Theme A how-to guide and helpful informations about options and features of the Honey Blogger theme. Step by step easy tutorials are written describing each feature & functions of the theme so that you can very easily master our themes. Installing the theme Import Demo Content Creating a Post Creating a Page Mobile Browser settings Adding […]