Blogger Basics

How To Backup Blogger Template? While customizing the theme you sometimes get in trouble with the codes, and stuck with a problem where only solution is to revert back to the original theme on which you’re playing with the codes. So having a backup of the theme is the best practice for the developers and newbie users. Here we’ll see […]
How To limit No. Of Posts Displaying in Homepage? Normally newbie users have a question in their mind that how can they limit the number of blogger posts appearing on the homepage, some of them search for the settings and find it. But some of the users like me think it’s best to refer to a tutorial. So this tutorial is for those who […]
How To Install Blogger Themes? On Blogger, either you canĀ install the templates via Upload Method method or you can go with Copy-Paste method to install your blogger template on your blog. We will be thoroughly going on both the method of installation. Upload Method Note: Do not forget to remove all the widgets from your blog before installation as it […]