How To Install Blogger Themes?

On Blogger, either you can install the templates via Upload Method method or you can go with Copy-Paste method to install your blogger template on your blog. We will be thoroughly going on both the method of installation.

Upload Method

Note: Do not forget to remove all the widgets from your blog before installation as it will make your blog look odd after the installation of the theme

  • Log in to Blogger, and on your Blogger Dashboard,
  • Navigate to Theme > Backup/Restore on top-right corner of the screen.


  • Click on Choose File and select the template file you want to upload on your blog.
  • And then click on Upload
  • Wait for a moment and your blog will be ready with new template installed to it.

Copy-Paste Method

For this method you will need a notepad on which you can open up your blogger template.

  1. Be sure to have your template file opened up in a notepad editor.


2. Now go to Blogger Dashboard > Theme > Edit HTML. Now select all the codes of the template by pressing CTRL+A or righto-click mouse and choose Select All


3. Now go to browser window, there select all the codes inside HTML Editor


4. After selecting all the codes inside HTML Editor delete it hitting delete button and paste the codes you have copied from notepad editor.

5. Then click on Save Theme.

It’s done. You have successfully installed the blogger theme on your blog.