How To Customize Navigation Menu?

Note: This help guide is specifically for 1800 Blogger Template.

Navigation menus are the important elements of the blog with which you can easily allow your audiences to reach to the important sections and pages of the blog/website. Usually it stays on the top of every website.

But in blogger editing the navigation menu is little like a irritating. As every newbie user faces problem in encountering with the HTML codes for first time. So to make the things easier we have prepared this article specifically for the navigation menus. So it becomes ease for you to customize navigation menu anytime without our help.

First Log into your blogger dashboard, navigate to Layout > Navigation Widget.


Click on the edit button on the bottom-right of the widget area. A pop-up window will appear as below screenshot.



Add appropriate details and information in the respective boxes of Name & URL. And save the widget. This will appear as navigation menu in your blog.

Note: You cannot add multi-level menu with this menu. To add multi-level menu try our another themes.


To add labels/categories in your navigation menu you need to add like below


To add page url in your navigation menu you will first need to create a page, by going to Pages > New Page, after you have created a page hover you mouse over the page you have created in Pages section on your blog dashboard. You will see the link of the page at the left-bottom of the screen like depicted in the below screenshot.


so url for this page is

Do explore all other article related to 1800 Blogger Theme, so you can easily use it at your own blog. You can also contact us anytime if you need further help in editing of the template. For that you have to just leave your message on our contact page.